Sent forth to Build, Strengthen, & Advance His Kingdom Through Servant Outreach Ministry”. Providing food and supplies for those on the streets and for those in need while offering love and acceptance for them as individuals…while encouraging them to learn, grow, go and become ALL that God has ordained them to become and do.
…Arise Ministries is an Evangelical Outreach Ministry focusing on evangelizing, equipping, edifying, and spreading the Gospel to the World around us. The goal of Arise Ministries is to take the "church" out from the four walls of a building and take it to where the people are. Arise Ministries' focus is reaching out to the lost and the hurting by means of servant outreach ministry, which includes but is not limited to the following: feeding the poor, assisting where needed and providing Biblically based materials to the lost, speaking engagements, personal prayer ministry, offering the Word and encouragement to those in prisons, offering help to those in need, offering donations to other ministries as the Spirit leads, and being obedient to the Spirit as He leads us to minister to the needs of those we encounter.

Luke 14:23 (KJV)

23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

Divisions of Arise Ministries:
Compel 14:23-                   Outreach, Street Ministry, Feeding Those In Need, Ministering to The Lost, Hurt & Broken
Acts of Kindness (AoK)-    Offering Multiple Types of service and assistance to Those In Need through the Work of Our Missionary Agents 
A Chosen Family-               A “Connections” Adoption Agency…assisting those looking to adopt by answering questions, connecting  them to the agencies that will help them, praying with them, encouraging them, and walking the journey of
adoption with them.
by Leaps & Bounds-            An Online Magazine/Blogger/Devotions/Online Training Site that offers encouragement, empowerment and cultivates Spiritual Growth. Check out 
Our Staff:
Kim Eidel-               Senior Pastor & Missionary
George Eidel-         Assistant & Missionary 
Josh Radcliffe-        Pastor & Missionary
Caleigh Ball-           Minister, Media Director, Treasurer, & Missionary
Emmanuel Ball-      Minister & Missionary 
Tina Bassett-          Director of A Chosen Family
Hannah Smith-       Director of  by Leaps & Bounds 
Deidre Gaines-       Minister & Teacher 
Board Members:
Kim Eidel-     President of the Executive Board & Regular Board
Caleigh Ball-           Vice President and Treasurer of the Executive Board & Regular Board
Maddisen Sauls-     Secretary of the Executive Board
Tina Bassett-          Secretary of the Regular Board
Hannah Smith-       Member of the Regular Board
Tina Rucker-           Member of the Regular Board